Gang of ’95

In 2006 my son James & Lucy Hicks (nee Maple) wrote an article for the local Hilltop News, giving an account of summer holidays in and around the local area.  In was titled ‘Hazy Summer Days’ and is reproduced here, please click on the link to savour the delights of summers past.

To read the article please click on the link below: –

Hilltop News ’95 Gang

James, Lucy and their contemporaries are now in their thirties, some in their forties, what are they up to now?  If anyone wishes to add to this page feel free to contact the ALLOURLIVES WEBSITE.Gang of 85 - 1

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  1. Post written 10 July 2012:
    I am the daughter of Colin & Hilary Smith, little brother James and big sister Louise (the 5 of us lived at 32 New House Lane) I am Jo born in 1977 and in 2009 I gave birth to my son Julius. I currently work for The Diocese of Canterbury as the Houses Officer and work in the Archbishops Palace. I remember my childhood around New House Lane fondly; I had wonderful friends who are still as wonderful as ever today. Being a child in the 80’s was a lot different to how children grow up today. We had so much more freedom and were not required to understand technology at such a young age. We were the lucky ones!

  2. This is great Colin,what a wonderful idea. I will ask mum if she has any old photos you can scan for the website. Thanks for the phone number of an old neighbour
    regards Wendy

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