October Blog

Day 28

Sunday quiz

Answer for last week was Dymchurch, this week –

Day 26

A trip to another zoo, 2 in a week, I feel like an animal!

Day 25

Now to head back on a ferry to the UK (And a day on the beach!).

Day 24

Lots of things today, a car onto a train to France to go to an Aquarium and then to a hotel and then to a restaurant for steak and chips!

Day 23

A day at the zoo, with very tired children (and bears) after last night’s sleepover.

Day 22

Double sleepover, Erin’s friend and Freddie’s friend Julius, place your bets who will sleep first in the comments bellow!

Day 21, Sunday Quiz

Can you guess where this location in Britain is, answer next Sunday!

Day 20

Today we made a trip down to Whitstable harbor for fish and chips.

Day 18

Today we have buried our father, father-in-law, grandad, husband, friend – Colin. Today we move on without him but it is still like he is by our side.

Grandad, we will try and do you proud. Lots of love Fred and the family. FT


11 thoughts on “October Blog

  1. Can I guess where the photo is Fred, even if I took the photo?

    Question for you – can you remember what the tower behind you is called and when the type of tower would have been built?


  2. Well done Fred, you’re a chip off the old block.

    Saddened I was unable to join you all on the 18th. I hear the sun did shine and it was standing room only in the church – just shows the high regard Colin was held in by us all.

    Pam (ex of No.33 – one of the Gang of 56)

  3. Hi Fred,

    I didn’t get all of my answers!

    1. Can I enter even if I took the photograph?

    2. What was the name of the tower you were afront of?

    Mum 😀

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