March 2016

Thursday 31st

IMG_2414A Christmas present delivered in March.  Tickets to see The Lion King brought the family together in London.  The Lion King was fabulous as usual and London provided a fun day.

Sunday 27th


Easter Sunday and there is excitement at Smith Towers. Four little cheeky monkeys are ready for Auntie Jo’s Egg Hunt.

And they’re off.IMG_2280

Saturday 26th




Easter and the Current Mrs Smith not to be outdone produces her legendary Simnel  Cake.

Absolutely lovely.




Friday 25th

IMG_1803Good Friday and what do you do?  Go to the local supermarket and buy Hot Cross Buns? No, you get the ingredients and make your own.

Get in!

Henry George SmithWe also remember our Dad, Henry George Smith, who slipped away 30 years ago, today.

R.I.P. Dad

Thursday 24th

Brian with Bucket0001Today is Brother Brian’s Birthday, seventy something.

Happy Birthday Bri.  I expect he still has the bucket.

Tuesday 22nd

ribbon-black_68The cowards have struck again, this time in Brussels.  It’s not written in any religious literature the killing of innocent people is just.  Evil cannot win and will not.

Stay strong Belgium.

Monday 21st

Frank Smith 1915


Today we remember Frank Smith who lost his life in France, 98 years ago this day.

.Already reunited with some of his family but joined this year with his Granddaughter Valerie.

Rest in Peace


Sunday 20th

IMG_2228First day of spring, the March Equinox and Smith Towers has Easter decorations up. It gets no better.

Saturday 19th

IMG_8410Happy 62nd Birthday Mr Perkins/Walker.

Friday 18th

IMG_2212At Easter there are chicks, eggs, rabbits and all things chocolate. At Wichambreaux School  there was plenty of everything. Under one hat there was even a Cheeky Monkey.

One lucky chap won all the Easter Eggs and had  trouble carrying them. IMG_2222His brother on the other hand could only see cake and as it was chocolate devoured the lot, except for some chocolate that he decided to wear.

It appears that some children never grow-up and stay Cheeky Monkeys.


Tuesday 15th

IMG_1755St Stephens Primary school was all at sea today but you wouldn’t have wanted to swim in it as it was full of jellyfish.

Monday 14th

Smith, Brian with Jean & Vallerie CIRCA 1950 - Version 2

Today we commemorate the life of our Cousin Valerie (Liversidge, nee Smith) who has sadly passed away.

Daughter to Len and Alice Smith, mother to Michelle and Mark and a much loved Grandmother to Poppy and Sam.

Always putting others before herself she will be sadly missed by many.

Rest in peace Valerie.

Sunday 6th

IMG_2132The current Mrs Smith and I have been travelling for seven weeks and seen some marvellous things and met some wonderful people.  Thank you one and all for making this trip so memorable.

Now is the time to say goodbye.  “Goodbye, goodbye” as Pete & Dud would have said.

Saturday 5th

IMG_1943Some times James just takes the Micky.  Other times he is just a cheeky Monkey

Friday 4th

IMG_1882We could have Peaked this day?

Thursday 3rd

IMG_1915Chinese New Year just keeps on giving.

Wednesday 2nd

IMG_1790Honkers a place of contrasts.  There are plenty of busses in Mong Kok.

IMG_1804You can find peace and tranquility at the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Gardens.

IMG_1850Or you can go to the races at Happy Valley.  Bonkers Honkers.

Tuesday 1st

IMG_1724There’s a living to be had out of Victoria Harbour, Honkers.

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