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Name: Freddie Twyman



I was born at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.   I have concluded my time at St. Stephens Junior School in Canterbury. I know move on to Simon Langton Boy school in September. 

My main Interests are: –

Computer games (Minecraft is my current favourite), cinema/theatre, Youtube and travel.

Previously I have bean to see Shrek the musical at the Marlowe Theatre, which was really fantastic.

My family have an annual season ticket for Wingham Wildlife park so we get to go many


            HK 2                                                                                                                  Hong Kong was a British Colony, but is now part of China. It is an interesting place because there is a mixture of Chinese and European Culture. There are some good restaurant serving Dim sum for example.  I also went to Macau which was a Portuguese ColonyI went to Hong Kong to visit my Uncles who live there. while I was there I saw the Terracotta Army. My favourite bit was the stairs.

In Hong Kong, I visited Disney Land and Ocean Park which was excellent fun. Disneyland was really fun and I got to meet Mickey mouse, Minnie mouse and Pluto the dog. My favourite thing was the Buzz Lightyear ride and my favourite ride was the log flume in Ocean Park.HK 1381799_10152207255280024_1745082723_n


18 thoughts on “Freddie’s Page

  1. Freddie your blog is so interesting and a joy to read. Looking forward to the next instalment.
    Fantastic work my gorgeous Nephew!

  2. Well done Freddie it is a very interesting page and you have done it very well do carry on with it and we look forward to more of your news.

  3. So interesting Fred and I love the photos – makes me want to visit all these lovely places. Can’t wait for your next instalment.

  4. Fantastic writing Freddie! I love your photos ! I go to Senlis, next to Chantilly this weekend and will show them to Cyprien as it is Half Term and he will be back to Dijon to see is grandparents. He probably will see you this summer. Love, carol xx.

  5. I went to Disneyland but in France. My favourite thing was to go in a spaceship and destroy the death star with Luke Sky Walker. I also saw Shrek the musical when An-Son invited me.
    I miss you a lot. I hope I will see you soon at school but I will be on holiday (French schools end one month before English schools. I will be able to see you while you’re working maybe.
    I look forward to seeing you.
    Love from Cyprien xxx

    • Cyprien I miss you to mate. I saw Shrek the musical to. Remember the Donkey and the king. He was on his knees. Tomorrow I’m going to Bredgar which is a place that has a lot of trains. There is a model railway set with a toy man in a toilet and every 5 minutes the door will open and a man will say oi while reading a newspaper.
      From Freddie
      XXX P.S Keep in touch.

    • It’s your page. Provide a new photo or look through the Allourlives Library. You can also add content. Pleased you enjoyed the Advent Calendar.

  6. Hi Freddie,
    I have been looking at granddad’s website for the first time and decided to look at your page. I enjoyed reading about your travels and seeing the photos. I must confess- somewhat ashamedly, that I didn’t realise that there was a Disneyland in Hong Kong, so thanks for educating me on that score. Just wanted to say that I’m impressed when people set up their own websites as it’s quite a commitment, so well done to you and granddad, and keep up the good work. PS. Are you hoping to become a photo journalist? Best wishes, Cheryl , granddad and grandma’s neighbour ‘over the hedge’.

      • Hi Freddie

        You’re looking at the future from the perspective of a soon to be 12 year old. No one starts out as an expert, we all have to learn. Your education has a long way to go and you will be a different person with amazing skills at the end.

        Work hard and you will achieve whatever you want.


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